Hello!!! Here you are!!

Thank you for stepping inside The Boho Souq!

It’s a little different here. I just don’t have enough ego to make this blog website ALL about me. I can’t even bring myself call this page “About Me“!!

Warning: I swear & will be tackling ‘controversial’ issues…’dirty laundry will be aired’ as will things we’re not ‘supposed’ to talk about…I’m tired of being silenced by a Victorian era hangover. So it may not be the place for you. That’s ok!

Dropping in for tea with Baluchi nomads,
Baluchistan, Pakistan

Inherently adventurous, defiant & with a deep distrust of convention, if I was told “No, you can’t do that!”, I learned, even as a toddler, that actually it was probably something I could do. It’s of course irritated parents, bosses, teachers & partners. However, it’s led to an unusual but successful career in industries with few women. And to living, working & travelling in exotic places.

Of course, it wasn’t all roses; it meant making significant & difficult life choices. There were monumental fuck up’s. And there is no regret. I’m so grateful for them.

So this is hopefully a way of sharing my story that isn’t too self-aggrandising. There’s no escaping half a century of living that can be mined! Inevitably, this has all delivered unique lessons & experiences. It may I hope add some value to your life. Perhaps even save you precious time!

Styling…the other passion

I’m probably better known publically for a passion of styling beautiful clothing. Of course it’s more than that though isn’t it?? We shouldn’t apologise for using styling to express who we are & how we’re feeling. At dark moments, consciously choosing bright, gorgeous clothbabies is magically transformative!

Women are still facing unnecessary battles. I’m sure you’re facing them & making difficult decisions too. I want us to talk about them openly & honestly in The Shisha Lounge. Because I’ll bet that you’re not alone.

With the blogging area now saturated, I’m letting my heart do the work. In doing that, the intention is to create an intimate, warm, safe, respectful, lively, colourful community for those of us who share similar bohemian style, values, ethics and passions.

Khan al Khalili
Cairo, Egypt

My absolute favourite community hubs that achieve this, are middle eastern Souq’s. But WTF is a Souq you might ask??! All will be revealed when you explore it’s depths😉

And what is a Souq without gorgeous, and often unique, treasures to buy?! Keep an eye out for that special thing you’ve been looking for..and the one’s you didn’t know you wanted!

And so “The Boho Souq” is born! Within its colourful walls, there are places to just read or chat, if you like, or potter around in the speciality shops to find that beautiful, unique thing you’ve been searching for.

Eventually, the altruistic dream, in fact the passion!, is that The Boho Souq will evolve to a place that supports female start ups by sharing resources, and offering more diversity of opinions, experiences and things to buy🙏! That will take many subscribers. But for now, its just you and I, and I’m excited & honoured to share our journey’s.

What do you think? Have a look around…is there anything else you’d like to see here that you’re not finding elsewhere?

World Peace & Tolerance ✌️ 😁