Female Bullying….Not So “Love & Light”

Ahhh the beautiful bohemian, feminist ideals of “Sisters” empowering each other & bathing each other in sparkling, kindly showers of “Love and Light”…..sigh!

Instead, yet again!, recently on a few Facebook group’s, I witnessed a witch-hunt. Female bullying ‘sisters’ morphed into a salivating pack of wolves, tearing at the carcass of a ‘sister’ accused of clothing theft.

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WTH is a Souq?? Let Me Explain…

You may be wondering WTH a Souq is? 😃

It’s the lively hub of communities in the mid east. Alive with cosy places to chat about anything imaginable over a Shisha & coffee in a Shisha Lounge, with layers of culture and history, it’s depths are rich with unique treasures.

Famous Khan al Khalili Souq in Cairo...one of the oldest & largest
Khan al Khalili,
Cairo, Egypt
📷 Paula
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