Our beautiful sleepy little coastal town, Esperance, became very famous this day 40 years ago. America’s first space station, Skylab, was hurtling to Earth and we were in its path! Quick! Duck!

Paula living in Esperance 1970’s.
It was the school uniform ok??!

For a 12 year old, with current ambitions of being an Astronaut, it was a momentus event and a possibly glorious ending! We were celebrating my 15 year old brothers birthday but honestly, poor Craig was not a priority that day!

Esperance Town Centre 1970’s

The town was buzzed; we had the world’s attention and the media swarmed our rural streets. The two cafes and one pub bulged at the seams as locals were squeezed out. We didn’t care, we were glued excitedly to the radio (no TV for us back then!) awaiting our fate. I had no idea of its significance to space travel at the time.

Skylab Crashes the 1979 Miss World Pageant
Skylab Debris Out Bush

In a shower of debris, disappointingly it landed in a remote area outside of town and not in our living room. One piece ended up on the stage on of the Miss World Pageant 1979 held in Perth. The lasting legacy is that the Esperance Shire Council had the cheek to fine NASA $400 for littering! It remained unpaid until 2003😁

Lucky Bay, Esperance

And gorgeous Esperance disappeared, thankfully, back to its unspoiled, peaceful obscurity. I decided that although being an Astronaut was indeed very exciting, it carried inherent risk of a fiery ending. I was going to be a Palaeontologist instead.

What’s your closest shave with extra terrestrial stuff??😁

Peace & Tolerance ✌️ 😁

Paula xxx