Leafing through the World Book Encyclopaedia was always so enthralling; every thing had a beautiful explanation and pictures. It was our major source of information. Nowadays, with the Web, we have wonderful instant access to every bit of information imaginable. However it’s overwhelming, sometimes distracting & time consuming to filter through it. So for the busy people who don’t have the time, here’s my weekly Round Up of interesting stuff I found absolutely fascinating.

Interesting Stuff in History

Interesting first photo ever taken
The First Photo Ever Taken
📷 Louis Daguerre (1787-1851)
Interesting first photo of a human
First Photo Of A Human Ever Taken (1838)
📷 Louis Daguerre

Interesting Stuff Right Now

Conquering Everest: High Hopes & Broken Dreams abc.net.au
📷 Nirmal Purja

Interesting Stuff Ahead

Start Packing! Space Tourism Starts This Year!