You may be wondering WTH a Souq is? 😃

It’s the lively hub of communities in the mid east. Alive with cosy places to chat about anything imaginable over a Shisha & coffee in a Shisha Lounge, with layers of culture and history, it’s depths are rich with unique treasures.

Famous Khan al Khalili Souq in of the oldest & largest
Khan al Khalili,
Cairo, Egypt
📷 Paula

Potter around The Homeware’s Souq for exotic bits & pieces to style your sanctuary.

Gorgeous elegant Saudi coffee pots

Search for unique ethnic trinkets in The Jewellery Souq, to honour the cultures you love & make the statement that you tread your own path.

Find beautiful clothing that tells the world your story & who you are.

Tulle & Batiste “Rosettes”

In The Shisha Lounge, explore ways to save time & $$$, learn how to do (or not do!) things, get some style inspo when you’re too busy to think about it, feel safe to openly discuss things. Or just laugh at the ridiculousness of life!

Author smoking Shisha in the Khan Al Khalili Souq.
Shisha @ Al Fishawy’s,
Khan Al Khalili, Cairo
📷 Paula

Escape to a place full of warmth & interesting things & hopefully come away a little richer.

World Peace & Tolerance ✌️😁

Paula 💕